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Qutub Minar Information
Qutub Minar Visit

I was very excited to visit Qutub Minar. It was my second time visit but first i came here at small age that’s why i have not remembered to much about that time how that was. Now at age of young I was ready to go and after a while i reached Qutub Minar and then i came to know all Qutub Minar information and Around it. Before going you should know about all Qutub Minar Information, Timing, Fare and Guide Facility and so on.

Qutub Minar Information

  • Location - Mehrauli, New Delhi, Delhi 110030
  • Entry cost - 30 Rs. per personfor Indians and 500 per person for foreigners. Free for children under 15 Years old.
  • Opening Hours – 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM (All day)

    qutub minar information

To enter Qutub Complex we have to take ticket and ticket price mentioned above. I went to the ticket counter and took a couple of ticket one was for me and other was for my brother. After entering you will see the Book Shop where you can buy book related to Qutub Complex and easily find the Qutub Minar Information, history.  So let’s started with the Qutub Minar wonderful experience.


Qutub complex include many historical places such as Qutub Minar, Iron Pillar, Alai Darwaza, Alai Minar and so on. Qutub complex established in era of Mughal Dynasty in the 11th century. Let’s Start with Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar UNESCO world heritage declaration
UNESCO world heritage declaration

The UNESCO declared the Qutub Minar as World Heritage. Qutub Minar is one of the tallest minarets in the world. The Height of Qutub is 72.5 meter which was fully constructed with Red Brick layer by layer. Under the first Mughal emperor Qutub-ud-din, Qutub Minar established with one storey minaret. After Qutub-ud-din his successor completed the another sotries of minarets. Now It is Five stories minarets. The architectural design is so super which is worth seeing.

Read this for more deep history of Qutub Minar – Qutub Minar History

Qutub Minar is wonderful and an awesome place where you are comfortable to click Photos. So I suggest to take one of these all Selfie Sitck and Phone with good Camera quality, DSLR etc.

Iron Pillar (Older than 1600 Years)

iron pillar New delhi
Iron Pillar,Qutub Complex New delhi

The very first fact about Iron Pillar is Rust Free Iron means Pure Iron. It did not affected with storm, rain etc. Iron Pillar is same as 1600 Years Old Iron. It is Victory sign of Mughal Dynasty. The Fence was put around the Iron Pillar because of nobody can damage.

For More Deep History Knowledge : Iron Pillar Delhi

Iron Pillar Inscription

iron pillar inscription
Iron Pillar Inscriptions


Alai Minar

alai minar
Alai Minar, New Delhi

It was incomplete minar which was started to build by allaudin khilji but it did not complete because of allaudin khilji died in 1316.

Alai Minar Information

Alai Darwaza

alai darwaza
Alai Darwaza

It is main gate for southern side. Alai Darwaza is made of red brick. Allaudin Khilji established it in 1311 AD.

alai darwaza
Alai Darwaza

Iltutamish Tomb

iltutamish tomb
Iltutamish Tomb

It was built in 1235. Iltutamish tomb made in super fine architectural design.

There is more place like Allaudin Khilji Tomb, Imam Jamin Tomb, Mosque and on.

An Awesome Experience

In Qutub complex Many historical place built in the different year but same time period during Mughal Dynasty. As soon as i reached at every place in qutub complex then i started to clicking photos. Because i love to collect the travel memory.

I hope you find all Qutub Minar Informaion here easily.

In the end it was really awesome trip for me. happiest moment.

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